Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pre-work coffee at Peddlar

(Let's just pretend this was posted Wednesday afternoon because that was the intention). 

After hearing about all the blizzards in DC & Baltimore in previous weeks, it was finally NYC's turn to get in on the drama. Imagine a heavy summer rainstorm - now imagine that instead of rain pounding down by the bucket, that its snow - that was what we experienced all day Wednesday. However, this didn't stop Ashley & I from enjoying a pre-work coffee at Cafe Peddlar in Cobble Hill. This place has become my new obsession, despite taking a good 10-15 minutes to walk down there, order my coffee, and then 10-15 back to the subway.. nothing can keep me from Cafe Peddlar's Stumptown Americanos!

(bottom 2 photos by Ashley Norton)

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