Saturday, January 30, 2010

Off to Calligraphy Class!

Good morning! Up early this cold Saturday morning - headed to my first Calligraphy class at the Society of Scribes. After typing it a million times, I'm also glad I can finally spell Calligraphy correctly!  Can't wait until I can write like this:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Office Birthday Party

My birthday is on Sunday so we had a small celebration at my office today. 

And of course the big birthday cake by my desk:

Falling August

Let me just be a little honest with you this morning, when it comes down to it, I am a horse person. Horses were my very first true love and nothing made me happier than being around them. Combine that with my later love in life, art, and you get the work of Michael Zavros. I love this image soooooo much:

Falling August
charcoal on paper
123 x 86cm
Grafton Regional Gallery collection

Tulips & Morning Snow

so crazy to wake up this morning & look out the window and find it snowing like crazy. and then by like 2pm it looked as though nothing happened. loving my purple tulips from trader joes!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

iTunes Genius

Not only do I love iTunes genius for when I'm feeling lazy (although I'm a pretty great DJ on my own, I must admit) but I just realized how pretty the visuals are - it creates mini collages of your album covers. Oh iTunes, j'adore!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sounds Like Brooklyn Music Festival

Loving the graphics for the Sounds Like Brooklyn Music Festival

I also love the cool visual solutions for the buildings/maps. I recently worked on a project like this where we tried to come up with a cool way to incorporate the shape of the building onto the map, wish we thought of something like these:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

this evening

Winding down this evening with hot tea & a crossword. Roses in the bedroom are always delightful. Listening to Gordon Lightfoot - his music reminds me of dinners at my grandparents house when I was a child. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Nicolette's Floral Design

I met Nicolette (left) while working at Domino Magazine. There she worked in the photo dept but did floral design on the side. After we all lost our jobs when Domino folded, she was able to turn the floral design business into a full time job! From what I understand, she is now very busy & successful doing floral design for weddings & events. I love her amazing color palettes and while I literally know nothing about floral design, I know that I love her work. To me, each of her designs has a perfect balance of feeling organic and natural, but also uniquely styled. 

Check out her website here and also information about floral design classes she teaches with friend Sarah (above, right) here (on my wish list!!). 

(all photos from Nicolette's website)

My bedroom at the River House

Besides the lovely time I had spending time with my girlfriends last weekend in Deltaville, I relished the time I was able to spend in the beautiful, old Southern river house. Katie's parents bought it several years ago and its a mix-match of things left behind by previous tenants and also from Katie's family. Except for the master bedroom, all the bed in the house were single beds, so darling! Lindsay and I stayed in this room. Of course I fell in love with the bright light-blue bed spreads, but also the simple quaintness of the room. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oyster Lesson in the Chesapeake Bay

We arrived in Deltaville late Friday night and despite wanting to sleep in, when Katie mentioned driving to pick up fresh oysters Saturday morning, I knew I didn't want to miss out. Katie has worked on the Chesapeake Bay doing oyster restoration. We met Tommy, the man she works for, who took the time to walk us down to the dock and show us a batch of oysters. He explained the process a bit and even opened an oyster for us to see - Katie took the liberty of reaching right in and slurping it down :)

This is also my first time using Flickr to post photos rather than the blogger uploader so hopefully they look even better! More pictures still to follow!

Looking out Katie's window
The view out Katie's window Saturday morning. 

Heading down towards the dock. Of course I loved the green & turquoise canoes!

Pulling the oysters out of the water.

Such beautiful, weird looking creatures!

Little baby crab & shrimp.

This is our little lesson - he's explaining how they live in clusters together. 

Slicing one open - much more graceful than shucking.

Katie going in for the raw oyster - about as fresh as they get!

View from the river

And another - such a calm, cool morning

Catherine - love all the lavenders going on here.

Katie & her boss Katie & Tommy