Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oyster Lesson in the Chesapeake Bay

We arrived in Deltaville late Friday night and despite wanting to sleep in, when Katie mentioned driving to pick up fresh oysters Saturday morning, I knew I didn't want to miss out. Katie has worked on the Chesapeake Bay doing oyster restoration. We met Tommy, the man she works for, who took the time to walk us down to the dock and show us a batch of oysters. He explained the process a bit and even opened an oyster for us to see - Katie took the liberty of reaching right in and slurping it down :)

This is also my first time using Flickr to post photos rather than the blogger uploader so hopefully they look even better! More pictures still to follow!

Looking out Katie's window
The view out Katie's window Saturday morning. 

Heading down towards the dock. Of course I loved the green & turquoise canoes!

Pulling the oysters out of the water.

Such beautiful, weird looking creatures!

Little baby crab & shrimp.

This is our little lesson - he's explaining how they live in clusters together. 

Slicing one open - much more graceful than shucking.

Katie going in for the raw oyster - about as fresh as they get!

View from the river

And another - such a calm, cool morning

Catherine - love all the lavenders going on here.

Katie & her boss Katie & Tommy

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