Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Thank You Cards

I'm so excited to introduce some new thank you cards to my stationery line. My greeting cards began out of my love for vintage woodblock type, as I would set each letter one at a time and delight in the imperfections of working with such old type. As much as I enjoy that process & aesthetic, my style is much broader. I love vintage floral etchings and simple elegant typography, and have long included these styles in my custom design and print work. I am thrilled to finally bring these styles to my own line of cards. Please visit my Etsy shop for more information and shopping. Cheers!  

Monday, January 21, 2013

New Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day is less than a month away, and I'm excited to introduce two new letterpress cards in my shop. I've started to add my own designs to my collection, in addition to the woodblock type cards. This year, I wanted to include some cards that were fitting to send to friends. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be just for couples - these cards are perfect to send to your best buds to remind them how much you love them! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Southern Wedding Expo in Ringgold, GA

Today I participated in my first Bridal Fair, The Southern Wedding Expo in Ringgold, Georgia. (Fun fact: Ringgold is where Dolly Parton got married!) Brides, mothers, girlfriends, and a handful of fianc├ęs attended, eager to meet vendors for their big day. I met some great potential clients and enjoyed some yummy sample cupcakes. 

This event reminded how much I love doing wedding invitations and working with brides. If you know anyone getting married & needing invites, please send them my way. I am available for custom design & letterpress printing for all the elements of a wedding invitation suite: save the date cards, invitations, reply cards, menus, programs, thank you cards, return address envelope printing, and more!

I had a custom sign made from my favorite local printer, DPI Color Graphics.
I didn't quite realize how big it was until I picked it up! 

Going through my portfolio in the dining room at home. 

My table & sign, all set up. I used a white linen family heirloom tablecloth that came from
my maternal grandmother's estate, Two Magnolias, in Macon, Georgia. 

New haircut, new pants, new sign, and a dozen roses.. all ready to go! 

The stage was set up for a bridal fashion show to model dresses from a local bridal shop. 

I met lots of other great vendors: caterers, photographers, planners, and more.

My favorite couple! I loved their air-brushed, "Just Engaged" matching tee shirts :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello again..

Hello to my readers - friends & strangers, and sort of to myself as well. I've neglected this blog project for far too long. As a young assistant & junior designer living NYC, this blog served as a dream catcher - a place to store my inspirations and aspirations, and I attended to it diligiently.  Life carries on, and I have been on many great adventures and followed many dreams since then. As I have a tendency to do, I got caught up in the flurry of life, and kept thinking that I would write a post when I could take the time to do it with intention. My life is still an ongoing flurry, but I've realized I'm happiest that way - many projects and plans brewing at once. I'm taking the blog down a notch from the ideal version in my head, or perhaps taking it back to how it was when I began - simply a catch-all for anything and everything I found interesting, without too much thought over themes and consistency, or great writing/photography for that matter. I can't wait to begin sharing again, regularly, about my travels to the south of France & Peru, my six month trek along the Appalachian Trail, letterpress endeavors, new wedding invitations, and the joys of being domestic in a Southern home. 

In somewhat recent news, I got an iPhone this summer (after dropping my previous phone in a waterfall..) and have been delightfully swept up in the Instagram wave. Feel free to follow along there, as I post much more frequently: 

Here are some favorites from the past month: 

Fresh squeezed orange-mango juice & a new clutch at a market in Cusco, Peru
Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu
Aguas Calientes (Hot Springs) after hiking the Inca Trail
Plaza de Armas in Cusco
Atlantic Ocean in Ponte Vedra, FL 
Old school country band at a honky tonk in Nashville, TN
Quiet morning at home, drinking tea & watching grey morning light
New Year's Eve with best friends & flowers in our hair