Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Spirit

After a three month adventure traveling & farming in the South of France, I returned to the US to spend Thanksgiving with my family. 

My parents moved from Savannah to Chattanooga this summer and it has been a wonderful experience exploring the city with my family. Hiking, seeing the muppets movie, enjoying a great time out at Public House, walking the family basset hound, and sharing incredible meals made by my dad have made for a refreshing transition back to America. 

I'm headed back to NYC tomorrow and am excited to get into the Christmas spirit. I spent the morning uploading some Christmas classics like Bing Cosby's Merry Christmas. 

I loved the New York Magazine Muppet's Gift Guide and can't wait to see the window displays on 5th ave. I have to admit I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life, so that is a top priority this Christmas. I'm looking forward to being back in Brooklyn roasting vegetables and drinking hot toddy's. I'm especially excited to design, print, and mail my own holiday greeting cards. 

Cheers, here's to the holidays!