Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Food Rules" & so does Michael Pollan!

I first heard about Michael Pollan back in 2006 taking an "Intro To Environmental Studies" class in college. I remember being shocked to learn about the dangers of high-fructose corn syrup & processed foods. I started reading Omnivore's Dilema this summer (which I confess I still have not finished, I'm considering picking up a copy of the version for kids!) I've also read his work on the New York Times and listened on NPR.

(photo came from here)

When I found out he was speaking at the Barnes & Noble near my office today I was thrilled for the chance to finally hear him in person & promote his new book, Food Rules. The new book is waaaay less scientific and more of a simple manual of what/how to eat. He sums it up in 7 words: Eat food, mostly plants, not too much. The book kind of breaks down those 7 words but with a very logical, simple, and kind approach. I spent the $11 and bought the book and also had him sign it. Not to mention, the cover is beautiful :)


  1. The tea party movement is mostly famous for its flamboyant fringe. But it is now more popular than either major party.

  2. oh. that is not what I meant to copy paste at all. Sorry! OK:
    Michael Pollan was on the Daily Show a few nights ago, too! You're so lucky you got to meet him!

  3. i need to read all of his books! i have botany of desire on my bookshelf as we speak!

  4. i just think he is so well-spoken, not preachy at all - more like an informed friend sharing some info. ginny (i love your blog by the way!) - i think botany of desire was made into a PBS movie, i think its on netflix. looks pretty interesting as well!