Sunday, February 28, 2010

Linnaean Libation League & Flatbush Farm

Last night I attended my first event at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens that I read about in 
Brooklyn Based email. The Linnaean Libation League hosted a celebration for gin and 
the herbs/plants it takes to grow & flavor that delicious poison. The fashion direction 
was 1960s Palm Springs so not only did I enjoy amazing the Gin "Garden" Martini's, but 
everywhere I looked I saw amazing vintage & vintage-inspired outfits. Afterwards we 
had dinner on the other side of the park at Flatbush Farm - an old favorite of mine. 
I insisted everyone play the fun game of "pass the camera around and take a photo of 
your dish."


  1. oh this sounds like so much fun! and i LOVE that delicious poison.. gin.. reminds me of pine trees.. i dont know why!.. and that food looks amazing too! mmm..

    i had never heard that "the devil is beating his wife" when the sun is shining and the rain is pouring.. so sheltered in my bubble! :)

  2. this sounds like such a fantastic event. i would love to go to something like this.

  3. Wowee, that event looks amazing! Also amazing: I was also at Flatbush Farm on Saturday night! I was on the bar(n) side, though. But still, so funny!

  4. Olive & Love - Thanks! Yeah it was so fun!

    Jay - Wow, what a funny coincidence - I love that place! Great food & great company obviously :)