Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sad News, Sally Shapiro, & Nicolette's home

Kinda bummed out this morning, my mom & sister were planning on driving up 
from Savannah to help me sew some pillows & curtains for my new apt, go 
flea market shopping, etc - just have a lovely girls weekend together in Brooklyn. However, 
the weatherman thought this particular weekend would be best to dump a ton of snow 
on the whole east coast. 

Yes that's, right, 12+ inches of snow in the next 48 hours right in their path... 
Sadly they won't be making it and a trip after Christmas is in the works. 

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a quiet Saturday, listening to Sally Shapiro, 
He Keeps Me Alive - such a nice song. I plugged in Au Revoir Simone into my Pandora 
this summer and have since discovered lots of great new tunes. 

Perusing through old design*sponge "sneak peaks" lately and came across my friend, 
Nicolette's lovely home. I adore her use of found, vintage furniture and how she 
puts them together in such a seemingly effortless way. So beautiful, and such an inspiration 
to me. Love love love all the plants & flowers around the house. 

(photos from design*sponge)
Also check out Nicolette's amazing floral design work:

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