Monday, December 21, 2009

Design Resource

Ah! You know when you stumble across something great and are like, wow, this is so great, 
I'm so glad I found it, I will remember forever. And then you totally forget where you found it and 
you scour the internet for days and ask all your blog-savvy friends and no one knows what 
you are talking about? Yep - that happened to me. I saw Rob Giampietro's post of Vendors on 
Design Work Life blog and was like, score, jackpot! And then totally forgot where I saw it. 
This morning they have a post "Quicklinks" and I had a feeling I was onto something, did a bit 
of investigating and found it. And now I'm reposting it so I will have it at my internet fingertips 
forever. Here's a sneak peak screen grab:

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