Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time for Breakfast

I'm a morning person by nature. I'm really just not a big sleeper. Though I no longer set a morning alarm for work, I find that I'm still waking up with the sun. The joyous part though, is instead of racing to work, I am really enjoying a leisurely morning before starting my day. Yesterday I made toast with dijon mustard & a fried egg with an iced Americano. Today, a spinach/strawberry/banana smoothie with a cold raw/vegan breakfast salad consisting of heirloom baby tomatoes, thin cucumber slices, avocado, and olive oil with fresh dill. 

Looking at inspiring blogs, writing in my own blog, jotting to-do lists for the day... I'm still busy as ever, but now its my own busy, with time for a good breakfast, and I like that.


  1. ooh, please share your smoothie recipe-- I never know how much spinach to put in, etc.

  2. thanks D!

    owl cafe - super easy. when doing a smoothie for one, i just put a generous handful of spinach in the blender, a smaller handful of strawberries, and half a banana. probably 1/2 a cup or so of water just to get the blender going. the water i just kind of eyeball - enough so there's some at the bottom but you don't want too much, i don't like it very soupy. play around with it! i know whole living magazine offers some really great smoothie recipes too. cheers!