Thursday, May 19, 2011

Work Spaces

I was telling my friend Catharine over g-chat how messy my desk space and took a picture with my phone and emailed it to her. (Don't you love technology these days?). But then I thought, you know, there's something beautiful about the messy, current, working state - not as clean & tidy as I'd like, but just as is.

Catharine sent me pics back of her own desk. She's a copy writer at an advertising firm in LA: 

Then I had the idea to ask a few more friends to participate. 

Meredith works in Brooklyn at an Art Studio Space - she works on the administrative side and also as a painter. She kindly sent me pics of both of her work spaces:

Emily works in Tulum, Mexico as a photo producer & also as head server at a top tourist restaurant. 

Sally is in Washington, DC and works for a political strategy, consulting and fundraising firm:

Ashley owns and runs a pearl jewelry business out of Atlanta, GA:

Thanks to my pals for sharing. Possibly more to come! 


  1. May be a little voyeuristic, but I love seeing people's work spaces! Thanks for sharing!