Friday, May 27, 2011

Boycott Urban Outfitters Inc.

This spring I finally decided to see what the fuss was about and joined Twitter. Its pretty fun - its like facebook but instead of seeing status updates of high school friends sharing with the world their work/gym schedule or a million photos of babies, I read cool bits of news from designers that I admire. I saw this retweeted yesterday but someone that I follow and retweeted as well:

Here is the link:

I was upset to see that Urban Outfitters was blatantly ripping off an independent designer. I thought of my shopping cart at and decided, you know what, I'd rather source only local/vintage goods instead of anything from them. I've always challenged myself to buy used/vintage whenever possible out of the spirit of reuse/recycle and but of course, like many of us, new, shiny (and usually cheaper, made-in-China) things are always a temptation. 

This morning I looked on twitter and saw this post:

Pretty incredible! My first thought yesterday was "Man that's such a bummer, but what is she going to do? Sue Urban Outfitters?"How amazing that social media could stir up so much fuss and made Urban Outfitters take the item off their site!! So cool! Go crafters! 

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