Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine & Flower Stand

Yesterday I teamed up with an old friend from domino, Nicolette who now does floral design and co-teaches Little Flower School. We set up shop in Williamsburg and I sold my Valentine stationery & she made bouquets. We were lucky to have such nice weather, considering it was the middle of February in NYC! 


  1. Hey! How did it go? Which card sold the best? I like the "I'm going your way." You're such a romantic, it only makes sense you'd make such beautiful Valentines! xoxo MOP

  2. thanks boo! "i want to hold your hand" sold the most, with "going your way" being the 2nd most loved one. its from johnny mercer's "moon river" - kind of an ode to savannah & midnight in the garden of good & evil. xo- m