Monday, August 30, 2010

Rockaway Taco & other Brooklyn delights

Yesterday was one of the best summer Sundays yet. Began the day with a bike ride to the Carroll Gardens Farmer's Market. I'm planning to make a traditional Native American "three sisters" soup tomorrow night with my friend Ashley so I wanted to get all the ingredients as fresh & local as possible. In addition to the soup ingredients, I returned home with farm fresh free range eggs & milk - perfect for a Sunday omelette & iced coffee! 

My darling roommate and I ventured out on the A train all the way to Rockaway Beach, which is waaaaay nicer than Coney, and equally easy to get to. An added bonus is that the subway travels over the water so you can admire the view the last part of the way. The weather was perfect. We swam in the ocean and relished the warm sunshine as summer comes to an end. Perhaps the best part of the adventure though, was Rockaway Taco. (The Vinne Van Go-Gos or Shenanigans  of Rockaway, if those references mean anything to you). Best fish tacos & watermelon juice of my life. It was also amazing to see containers everywhere growing fresh tomatoes, chilis, and herbs - hanging on the side of the building from gallon jugs, or up on the roof! 

We reluctantly returned, and not wanting the day to end, I took my bike for a sunset spin around Prospect Park, where it smells as sweet as the south if you can trick your brain into thinking you are not in NYC. 

Basically, I fell in love with Brooklyn all over again. 

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