Sunday, August 22, 2010

flowers in my hair

a perfect lazy sunday. laying on the couch, looking out the windows watching & listening to the rain. had a small gathering of friends over last evening, a garden party of sorts. i made a floral headband, which is something i'd admired since i was young - christmas kirsten and then later when jenny married forrest. also, when i was younger and more free spirited (translation: irresponsible) i would lose things frequently and my dad would fuss, "macon, i'm tired of the flowers in your hair routine." haha well here i am, finally with my own flower headband. i hope its the first of many.


  1. I'm so glad you referenced the Kirsten doll. I had Samantha, and always wished I had her plaid cape!

  2. love flowers in hair- yours turned out beautiful.

  3. Kirsten and flower crowns... l love you!

    I try to find any excuse to wear flowers in my hair. Yours are very pretty, nice colors.

    I loved my Kirsten doll, I think I got her in 1987 and it was love at first sight. I would make myself into St Lucia on the winter solstice, with a wreath of greens in my hair, to be just like her...and don't forget she also had a daisy crown for her birthday... yea, I know I'm totally geeking out on the American Girl collection.