Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ville de Nice

Bonjour! I am on a train to Aix-en-Provence after four days in Nice, France. My time was brief but rich. Traveling alone has granted me the unexpected luxury of spending minimal amounts of money. I have become less interested in consuming (both food & goods) as in simply experiencing, and this realization delights me greatly.

Every morning I strolled down to the beach with a yoga mat, towel, sunglasses, and a copy of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. I soaked in the warm sunshine and gazed out into the vibrant, electric azure of the Mediterranean. There is no sand on the beach – only small rocks, weathered to the softness of suede. When I was hot, I took a dip in the clear, light blue water. When I was hungry, I had a refreshing tuna baguette. When the midday sun got too harsh, I wandered into Old Town, where the tall historic buildings shaded the small cobblestone streets and provided relief from the sun. Every afternoon I treated myself to one scoop of lavender ice cream. In the evenings, I made my way back to the beach to watch the day’s palette turn from bright blues to soft pinks, yellows, and peaches.


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  1. such beautiful photos! I miss France, what a beautiful place! :)