Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Craft Fair Saturday

Well, its finally almost here. The Martha Stewart Living Employee Craft Fair is this Saturday Dec 4, 12-6pm. 

As the new year rang in 2010 from crappy 2009, and with a benchmark birthday (25!) I decided this would be a big year for me. I aspired to start a company. 

I took calligraphy courses, letterpress workshops, DIY silkscreen class.. 

all the while gathering inspiration & working hard at my day job (which I love now by the way!). This fall I have spent several Saturdays at the letterpress studio, working on a stationary line that I will debut this weekend.  

I have 750 various Christmas cards, an assortment of colored envelopes, a stamp with my logo & website on the way, and a dad who is helping me finally get www.maconyork.com up and going. 

While I have a long way to go, it feels really good to be making it happen, to put in the work and be pleased with the product. 

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  1. i can't wait for my macon york, original t-shirt.