Friday, September 3, 2010

Marian Bantjes

Amazing TED talk featuring Marian Bantjes. My dad sent this link to me a few weeks ago, and I finally watched it last night. Its interesting because it reminds me of my experience in college as an Art Major, I started out reaching for lofty ideas to express ("experience," "memory") and my work lacked any personal depth, and it also lacked the good grades I wanted to earn. I eventually found my voice and created work that I was passionate about, proud of, and made an A+. 

Lately I've been feeling like I'm back in that same spot, working for big lofty ideas (that I do love & believe in) but without any personal depth.  Slowly but surely, I'm working towards my own company, my own personal satisfaction of creating a product, both for my audience (y'all!) and equally for myself. 

I'm nervous and excited about my first session at the The Arm Letterpress Studio tomorrow. I have paper, ink, and 3 hours booked to get started with some stationary & posters. I have some loose ideas for direction, but am giving myself the freedom to make mistakes to learn from, and to have some happy accidents along the way as well. 

Listening to Marian Bantjes was exactly what I needed to hear, to remind me of the importance of making personal work to put out in the world. She makes the point that all ideas feed off others, and you can find inspiration everywhere, and you never know what your work may inspire in others. I won't give it all away, but hopefully this sincere post will convince you to spend the 16 minutes to watch :)

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